Ive decided to occupy this small place in the cyberspace,

so that I could text, or show different things,

for the sake of my own pleasure, or enlightenment. 

I sure wont mind if the content published in here, pleases the eye, or the soul,

of an accidental on-looker as well.


Everything has been told. Everything has been written down. Not by Everyone, though. (S.J.Lec)



Rozhodol som sa prenajat si tento kusok virtualneho priestoru,

aby som tu obcas napisal alebo ukazal nieco pre vlastne potesenie ci poucenie.

Nebudem vsak namietat, ak obsah mojich webstranok zaujme aj niekoho z nahodnych okoloiducich. 


Vsetko uz bolo povedane. Vsetko uz bolo napisane. Ale nie vsetkymi. (S.J. Lec)